Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beautiful new things, bitter sweet lies.

Some of you may or may not know that I was working at the salon as well as a hotel, but as of recently I've been offered a great position as a manager at one of the salon's locations. I couldn't be happier about this! So much more time with my baby girl, I can catch up on the things I've been missing out on. I've just always envisioned the exact mom I wanted to be to my kids. But what you forget to take into accountability is the difficulties and trials of doing it alone. Single parents, moms and dads, are not credited enough for what they do. Providing for them, and taking on the responsibilities of growing up don't compliment being a stay at home mother. That isn't something possible when you are alone. And that breaks my heart day in and day out. Countless days I would be so emotionally exhausted and be devastated over missing the new things Bostyn was continually learning and doing. As her mother I wanted to be the one she was around 24/7 who took her to the park, dressed her up in hot pink, let her experience things for the first time- together. And I was missing out on that so much, I was no where near what I had envisioned myself being as Bostyns mother figure. So basically what I am getting to is, I cannot wait to cut out one of my jobs and spend more time with her. God trusted me with such a wonderful and beautiful gift- everything she is to become and has to learn is my responsibility. Such a lively burden but such an amazing reward. I've longed to teach Bostyn all the important things that start at such a young age. She watches my every move and I need to be an example to her, my daughters success and outlook on life depends on me, my actions, my lessons to be taught. I can't wait to be that role model to her. With that being said, I really want to expand on something most people dismiss casually now days it seems.. I want girls to know the importance of being smart about the decisions they make as teenagers. None of us are perfect, we make mistakes, things happen. But that does NOT mean that what we are in control of can't be taken advantage of. Girls, woman- all of you. Be smart about the decisions you make, don't think for one second that raising a child at a young age is easy, it is anything but. People mistake pregnancy for something "fun" its almost as if its a trendy thing to do. I'm not asking, I'm begging you to realize the consequences of your actions. It is nobodies ideal situation to raise a child alone, to have to give her to her father every other weekend. To not be able to tuck your little princess in to bed together as a family every night. To literally be heartbroken that your child has to be raised in a split home, knowing its your actions that have caused your child to suffer. I just want to create awareness of these things. Don't think that because you see someone dress up their baby in cute clothes, carry them around with them, do activities with their toddlers, that that is the reality of it. Because its not, there is so much more to it than that.There is selfish reasoning within it as well, things most girls don't want to admit because they're afraid of how it will make them look as a mother. So I'll be the one to say it. Naturally as a young mom you are forced to grow up, take on responsibility of a child when you yourself is still a baby, so you are going to feel like you have missed out on things other girls did not. You are no longer able to up and leave at any given moment, whether that be to just run to the store or go out with all your friends. The simplest of tasks because quite the difficult one when you have the responsibility of a child, but you need to put your child first and have to make that ultimate sacrifice and its not easy. Realize this girls. Recognize that you don't want to hurt over not being able to be the perfect mother you've always envisioned yourself to be. Realize at times you will be torn about being left out of your circle of friends because you have moved onto bigger things, grown up stuff. And your friends are just doing what they've always known. Life doesn't stop for you, it doesn't sit around waiting for you to grow up. Waiting for you to have your fun and then hit the resume button again. So if I can just give a little hint of advice it would be plain and simple. Just wait. Wait for the time that you can share it with someone significant to you, wait to be able to financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally be able to support your children. It will be worth it. I promise.

Monday, March 26, 2012

New member to the fam

I would like to welcome Brooklyn, she is the newest member to our family..

Isn't she beautiful?! Wait till all things great are added to this natural beauty, she will do great things.

Bald hair don't care

This post is solely to let everyone notice the progress in Bostyn's hair growth.
We went from this

To this...

Now it may not appear to be alot but we went from having nothing to a little somethin something and I just need you guys to take a few moments to appreciate! Bost I'm so proud of your hair growth! Keep up the good work and it'll be to your ears in no time.
That is all my friends.

Children on leashes

I've always despised parents who decided it would be a good idea to leash up their kid any time they were going out, but after watching Bostyn be able to cause more damage than a terrorist, in a quick.37 seconds, I'm beginning to change my thought of crazy people doing irrational things, to genius people outsmarting their very curious child. Bostyn seems to think she is a grown 25 year old woman capable of wandering the streets of New York all by herself with no assistance needed. She also seems to take GREAT pride in her abilities to recreate a perfectly put away room into that of which looks like the aftermath of a tornado. Soooo what I'm trying to say is-

Yes I will be investing in a leash.
Yes it will be a fashionable one.
Yes it will benefit me and Bost greatly.
No I will not ever judge someone else for doing so.
No I won't lose my wild child at Disneyland, thanks to the new found decision to purchase one of these babies!

Plus this way I can walk my future puppy I plan on getting as well as my child. Its a double whammy if you will!
Now the questions being.. Which one!? They do have quite the variety.
Do we go wrist like this..
Or perhaps a little harness..

 Or maybe the monkey pack pack guy. So it seems a bit more

Saturday, March 17, 2012


People seem to question me a lot on my decision in wanting to join the military. I have never wanted anything more than to serve my country, become part of the 1% who takes that challenge, who makes that sacrifice. That's the only answer I have for you. It is what I want. It may not be for you, or you may not think its whats "best" for me and Bostyn, but I can't think of a more proud moment than when I am able to put on that uniform, having known WHAT I want threw in order to wear something of so much importance. Being a single mom is not what you would exactly call easy. Working two jobs and seeing my baby girl a few days out of the week is a challenge, a huge one. So what is 13 weeks of boot camp being apart from her compared to a life time of continuing to work this much? Its a sacrifice, a huge one. But as passionate as I feel about this I know it would be worth it to me.

I will be a Marine.
No questions about that.

Friday, March 16, 2012

My top 5 cities I have yet to live!

1. Boston, Massachusetts.

Tell me this isn't beautiful? And so Historic! One day my friends one day.. Not to mention its the number one city for single most successful men in the United States. You just decided Boston seems like a good idea didn't you?!

2. Seattle, Washington.

First of all that Space Needle! So pretty, gotta see it one day. But lets get real here.. Anyone watch Grey's Anatomy? Guilty as charged. That place became all the more appealing once McSteamy got there!

3. Oceanside, California.

Typical right? How can you resist though! Plus Pendleton is near by, get a nice view of some military men eh eh, and that my friends, is enough to convince me!

4. Philly, Pennsylvania.

She's beautiful! You may be wondering why I wrote Philly, that is on account of the full word is extremely difficult for me, its such an awkward word to pronounce, usage of the L or not? Anyway a good friend is from there and the stories are epic! Culture shock for my sheltered little Utah self but an adventure none the less. Plus good ole Vick :) football talk is not for this post though.. Save that for another day! And I'd be so close to this beautiful place..

Last but not least...
5. New York City!!

There is no other place like it! It is alive 300 percent of the time! Love it, plus you can walk everywhere and dress up all the time. Wear high heels for a jog in the park! You just can't beat it.

Any places you guys plan on experiencing?! Curious to know.